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Himalayan Pink Salt

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Halloween 24ct Case

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Pumpkin Spice

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Himalayan Gold

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"No Cheese" Cheesiness

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Fiery Hot!

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Himalayan Sweetness

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Oh My Ghee!

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Himalayan Pink Salt 12-ct 0.88 oz

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Celebration Popcorn 2pk

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All About LesserEvil Organic Popcorn

At LesserEvil, making healthier, less processed, earth-friendly snacking accessible to everyone is our mission. We air-pop the most tender organic butterfly popcorn, making it noticeably lighter and fluffier than other pre-packaged popcorn. Our popcorn is tumbled in the best oils and sprinkled with the purest ingredients available, from salty to sweet. With a wide range of product selections in our collection, enjoy all the popcorn you wish guilt free!

Is organic popcorn healthy?

Organic popcorn is healthy and one of the best snack options for you. It’s full of fiber, a great source of antioxidants, and makes you feel fuller longer. Organic popcorn also has a lower glycemic index than other types of popcorn. Organic products are grown free of pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, and antibiotics. They are free of artificial ingredients or preservatives. When you buy popcorn snacks from LesserEvil, our products are not only organic and non-GMO but also plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, and air-popped.

Is there a difference between organic popcorn and regular popcorn?

Organic popcorn is an excellent alternative to traditional popcorn, and it's loaded with various health benefits. Organic popcorn is made from all organically grown ingredients, meaning the growing process is free of pesticides or chemicals. The result? A healthy snack that's free of harmful substances and much more nutritious than regular popcorn. The organic popcorn you eat is not only good for your body but also good for the environment. Organic farming protects soil and water quality and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by not using fossil fuels to power farm equipment.

What is the healthiest form of popcorn?

Air-popped popcorn is the healthiest form of popcorn you can eat. Our popcorn is 100% air-popped, resulting in the most tender organic butterfly popcorn.


    Our organic popcorn is made with only three ingredients: organic popcorn, extra-virgin coconut oil, and Himalayan pink salt. Our minimal processing preserves the taste of whole foods while maximizing deliciousness.

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    This plant-based butter alternative is light and fluffy; it's perfect for movie nights or sunny days. You won't believe it's a butter alternative!

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    Seasoned with an organic, non-dairy seasoning, this flavor is a guilt-free snack for anyone.

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    For those who can take the heat, we've created popcorn that will set your taste buds on fire! Using organic habanero and jalapeño peppers, our Fiery Hot Popcorn is no joke.

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    This sweet-and-salty snack is ideal when you want something extra to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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    This vegan snack is made with real avocado oil and dusted with Himalayan pink salt, making it simply Avocado-licious.

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    Ghee, an excellent ingredient praised for its Ayurvedic medicinal properties, makes the perfect topping for popcorn.

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  • What Healthy Snacks Can I Buy for Kids?

    While there are tons of different healthy snack options out there, it can be hard to find a snack  that is both parent and kid approved. Our snacks were designed to help! Our product line’s inception was a direct result of wanting a snack option that was simple, clean and delicious. Build a box of our Lil’ Puffs so your crew can try all of the various flavors!

  • Where Can I Buy LesserEvil Snacks for Kids?

    We’ve got you covered on all bases! If you prefer to buy your snacks the old-fashioned way (or if the craving is so intense, it needs a fix immediately), LesserEvil is available in stores all over the country, including Whole Foods, Target, and Walmart. However, if you’re more of a ‘get it sent with a few clicks’ kind of shopper, you can buy healthy snacks for kids directly from our website. Simply build a 3 or 6 pack box for a one-time purchase or sign up for our Subscribe + Save program to get your kids’ snacks delivered automatically!

  • What Is the Shelf Life for Lesser Evil Packaged Snacks?

    Great question! The shelf life for our popcorn is 8 months but 9 months for our Puffs. However, we’re going to guess that your problem will be less with having our yummy snacks around for that long and more to do with not being able to keep them around long enough!

    Check out our Subscribe + Save to make sure you are always stocked with LesserEvil healthy snacks for kids. Save time, save money, save your pantry from emptiness! Is there any bigger bummer than running out of your favorite snacks? We sure can't think of any.