Looping Around LesserEvil: Favorite Vacation Spots

Looping Around LesserEvil: Favorite Vacation Spots

Summer never feels long enough, so when the weather gets cooler, school is back in session, and the leaves transition into their auburn hue, we’ll go back to our most memorable vacations - the warm weather, the sounds of the waves crashing against the shore, colorful cocktails garnished with straw umbrellas, summer-flavored popcorn, s’mores by the fire-pit, sounds of hooting owls in the distance, shooting stars, and magical sunsets. 

Here’s a snapshot of LesserEvil’s favorite vacation destinations! 

"This summer, my husband and I went to Belize for our honeymoon, and it was such an incredible trip. We stayed in the northern part of Ambergris Caye, a few miles north of the city of San Pedro. We spent time kayaking in the Caribbean Sea and snorkeling with colorful fish, loggerhead turtles, stingrays, and even some nursing sharks. The island is small, and everyone drives golf carts to get around. We rented one for the week, making it easy to explore the island and eat at local restaurants. Our hotel (Mangata Villas) hosted Yin Yoga on the beach one morning and a "drive in" movie night where everyone sat in their golf carts to watch a movie with fresh popped local corn to snack on -- you can take a LesserEvil employee on vacation, but the popcorn will find you!" -Jess, HR Manager 


"I’m going with Kauai, Hawaii. I stayed in a hotel on the beach with my wife. We were able to sleep with the doors open so we could hear the waves all night. We took an ATV tour through some mountains where they filmed Jurassic Park, some Indiana Jones movies, and a few other movies. It means the world to me because we were married on the beach in a very private ceremony." -Allen, Warehouse Operations Manager  

"I have two that I go back and forth with. I guess they both have the number one spot since they are very different types of vacations. United States (Sedona, Arizona): Perfect for adventure - and even spiritual awakening (if you are into that kind of stuff 😉). Sedona is absolutely breathtaking. The canyons are so stunning, and the hiking is supreme. There is no shortage of 360-degree panoramic views everywhere you go! I went there with my husband for our 6 year wedding anniversary. We stayed at the Arabella Hotel.The Southwest/Tex Mex cuisine is also delish! Fun fact: Sedona is one of only 20 certified Dark Sky Communities in the world. This means that Sedona makes efforts to minimize as much light pollution as possible. As a result, Sedona is a prime stargazing destination. You can clearly see the Milky Way! The people are also so kind and mellow.

Europe (Paris, France): Oui Oui, I love Paris! The architecture, the fashion, the food, the culture, the art - I truly could not get enough of it. I went there for my honeymoon with my husband. We stayed at the Pullman Hotel, right next to the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower sparkles once every hour, on the hour, and it always feels so magical. It is the perfect place for any couple to enjoy. It is truly impossible to not feel the romance in the air! It doesn't matter where you go to eat, because even the most low-key of places are delicious. The best burger I have ever had was from this restaurant called Ferdi. I also fell in love with Croque Monsieurs (the French Ham & Cheese Sandwich)." -Marylup, Field Marketing Specialist 

"My wife, Karen, and I love to cruise! One of our favorites is cruising to Norway and Denmark! It was made extra special as we celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary!" -Ed, Western Regional Sales 

"This past April, we went to Isla Mujeres in Cancun Mexico and stayed at the Majestic. It was by far the best vacation we have taken as a family. My wife and two daughters were joined by my best friend, his fiancée, and two children. We spent the week between the resort’s pools and the beach and capped off each night with a nice family dinner and drinks. Since my daughters had a birthday while there, we treated them to some fun excursions like cliff jumping in the cenotes (natural pools underground), parasailing, and jet skiing. It was an all around good time and we all enjoyed ourselves. So much so that we'll be going back next year as part of my best friend’s wedding party." -Marcus, VP of Operations 

"Sedona, AZ! My fiancée and I went there a few years ago and loved every minute of it. We stayed at an Airbnb that was close to all of the hiking trails and amazing views at sunset. The hikes were challenging, but so much fun, and the views at the top were well worth it! It's a very peaceful place, and we will be going back for sure in the near future." -Ryan, Director of Sales, East 


"So hard to choose so I will do one of my most recent favorites. In April, I went to St. Thomas and St. John on my honeymoon. My husband and I absolutely loved the US Virgin Islands! The landscape was spectacular as it was a perfect combination of mountains, white sand beaches, and clear turquoise waters. We took a private boat and swam on deserted beaches with giant sea turtles... it was incredible!" -Kirsten, Director of Sales, West 

"I’ve been to a handful of magical places, but Mykonos, Greece was such an amazing time that I have to choose it. The weather was perfect. My best friend and I made the greatest friends at the hotel we stayed at. The food was amazing. The water was refreshing. The locals were darling! I have no complaints. The memories I made there will forever be in my heart." -Charlotte, Executive Assistant & Creative Content Writer

"I have to go with Mexico City/Oaxaca! I went to Mexico City and Oaxaca in the fall of 2019. These destinations have definitely grown more popular over the last few years. Mexico City is vibrant with Spanish influences in the older buildings. Still, it is a modern city that is growing and buzzing. There are new restaurants and street vendors at every corner and tons of beautiful architecture and history. We ate at Pujol, which is ranked #5 in the world and a must when you go! Oaxaca is more rustic and traditional. It is a soulful, beautiful, and proud city. Oaxaca as a country and city is known as the heart of Mexico and the birthplace of many ingredients, foods, and traditions we all know and love. There is so much incredible food there, and it is where Mezcal is still made traditionally by families with generations of Maestro Mezcaleros. Oaxaca is diverse and complex much like the Mezcal they produce. Truly a beautiful, memorable place and one very close to my heart." -Corey, Director of National, Alt Channel 

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