Why You Need Indoor Plants This Fall

Why You Need Indoor Plants This Fall

The sweltering days of summer are coming to an end, and many of us are looking forward to cooler times ahead. The only thing we’re not excited about? All the bare trees and barren gardens we'll be left with once all the colorful leaves have fallen.

But have no fear-- greenery can still be here! The third week of September is National Indoor Plant Day, and it’s the perfect excuse to get yourself some new plant buddies to keep you company during the cold months.

Plants don’t just look nice in a home; there are several health benefits, both physical and mental, to living with plants. Having plants around is scientifically proven to reduce stress, as people who worked with plants were found to have lower heart rates and blood pressure and reported feeling comfortable and soothed. Other recent studies have been done on horticultural therapy, in which therapeutic work in green spaces has proved beneficial for patients with conditions such as depression and anxiety. The presence of plants in office spaces is linked to overall greater wellbeing and a more positive outlook on work.

Plants themselves are pretty magical. They can increase a room's humidity (especially important during the dry winter months) through a process called transpiration. Some studies have even suggested that plants can keep the air cleaner around us cleaner by filtering out pollutants.

If you’re new to keeping plants (or don’t have a great track record of keeping them alive), there are plenty of awesome, low-maintenance plants that are great for beginners. Here are some of the most forgiving plants that will thrive almost anywhere:

  • Snake plant
  • Spider plant
  • Aloe vera
  • Kalanchoe
  • Pothos vine
  • Jade plant
  • Bamboo plant
  • Cacti and succulents

If you’ve already honed your green thumb and are looking for new ways to keep your home looking fresh or just want to add to your collection, here are some ideas for plants that bring color and cheer to a winter home.

  • Christmas cactus
  • Orchid
  • African violet
  • Jasmine
  • Bonsai tree
  • Guzmania bromeliad
  • Hoya
  • Fiddle leaf plant

If the thought of the upcoming winter months makes you feel blue, there’s no better reminder that spring will come again than having a home full of living things. Go out and get your plants!

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