From Sleepy to Supercharged: 8 Foods That Will Give You a Boost

From Sleepy to Supercharged: 8 Foods That Will Give You a Boost

From Sleepy to Supercharged:
8 Foods That Will Give You a Boost

You might look at it as a source of comfort, a delicious reward after a hard day, a hobby you love to spend time on over the weekends, or just something you need to deal with every day. Either way, food is the source of our daily energy.
And while one could argue that a calorie is a calorie, we all know that’s not quite true. There are foods that will make you feel better, foods that will just make you feel full, and foods that will give your energy a boost and help you get through any day. Let’s look at eight foods that can help lift your energy levels, and hopefully, your spirits as well.


A lot of people love eating eggs for breakfast, and with good reason.

Eggs are packed with both protein and healthy fats, and they can keep us energized and feeling satiated for hours. They are also full of Vitamins D and B 12, as well as iron and choline.

For the best effect, both in terms of minerals and energy, eat the entire egg – as contrary to popular belief, the yolk will not boost your cholesterol levels.


While we are on the subject of great breakfast, some avo and eggs on toast sounds like a great option too.

Avocados are a great source of healthy fats, as well as plenty of fiber, which will keep your blood sugar levels stable, accounting for the steady energy levels as well.

You can throw them into a smoothie or a delicious fruit bowl, but sometimes, all you need is the toast.


And if you want that quintessential healthy breakfast of dreams, add a bit of salmon to your avo on eggs on toast, and there you have it.

Salmon is high in Omega 3 fatty acids and B 12, so it will help reduce inflammation (that can cause fatigue).

Since it only takes a couple of minutes to prepare, it is also a fast snack that you can make in the morning, or even at midday.


Spinach is an amazing source of vitamin C, iron, and folate, which are all essential for our energy production. In fact, lower levels of iron can be the cause of feeling more fatigued and sluggish than usual. Boosting your iron levels with spinach can be a great remedy.

You can do some spinach with boiled eggs on toast and some oven-roasted tomatoes, plus a hit of balsamic and some smoked paprika on top.


Almonds are yet another great source of fiber and protein, as well as those good monounsaturated fats. They are also rich in magnesium (which is great for muscle fatigue), as well as B vitamins.

You can up your almond intake by adding them to your oatmeal or even your smoothie. Or you can just grab a granola bar or a handful of almonds as a midday snack.


Bananas are the one snack we all think of for some quick energy – tennis players eat them, runners have been known to eat them, so we also tend to grab one for an energy burst.

They are full of potassium and also a good source of magnesium and B vitamins, so they should be on your regular shopping list anyway.

A good thing to know is that ripe bananas provide more energy than unripe ones, in the form of sugar. So when they are a bit freckled and start to go brown, they are ripe for the smoothie, or the pancake.


Beets can help you reduce blood pressure and boost your stamina, and they are also a great source of Vitamin C, magnesium, and folate.

True, you may not think of beets as your go-to meal, but you can easily add them to a smoothie or just make a delicious beet salad. If you’re going to cook them, you might want to do it in the evening when you have more time, and have that delish meal ready to go in the morning.


Plain, non-sugary, and non-flavored yogurt is also a great source of energy, especially when it’s Greek-style yogurt. It has plenty of fats that are good for your brain, as well as copious amounts of protein.

The best part is that it’s easy to eat, and you can eat it with fruit, nuts, on its own, or add it to another dish to jazz it up a bit. Make sure you look for the whole-fat and no-added-sugar kind.

A Note on Energy & Food

Bear in mind that while these foods will certainly provide more energy, you can also eat most of them for dinner, even if they seem like more of a breakfast option. Eating before bedtime is not necessarily going to keep you awake, especially if you go for a lighter meal and eat it “on time.” However, depending on how your body reacts to these foods, you might want to stick to them for breakfast.

Reach for any of these foods when looking for a bit of an energy boost, and they will not fail to deliver.

Bear in mind, however, that you can also have too much of a good thing. Mind the amounts you eat, and go for the healthiest options you can find on the market.

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Article By Sarah Kaminski 

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