Letter from the CEO

Letter from the CEO


At LesserEvil our sincerest goal is to become a trusted and healthy part of your family’s daily life. We know we aren’t the only food company vying for a trusted position in your home so let me tell you a little about us.

We have our own snack factory where we control every ingredient, recipe, and process. Every ingredient we use is the best one possible. All have purpose. Fewer is better than more. We’re based in Danbury, CT (halfway between New York City and Hartford, CT) and have been producing snacks in our own factory for the past 7 years. We provide about 80 jobs in our small city in our organic, Non-GMO verified, SQF Level 2 certified, sparkling clean factory of innovation and goodness.

The gurus on our packages represent our curiosity around our existence and interconnectedness. We as company want to endorse a holistic message of universal tolerance, love and peace. We believe that there is a guru in each and every one of us.

We also believe in global warming and believe the time to act is NOW. In connection with the state of CT we are participating in energy saving initiatives at our factory and office. We are also proud to use enhanced biodegradable packaging and compost most of our factory waste.

As for our products — it’s all about sourcing the very best ingredients and providing them at a value proposition that no other brand can. Because we own our own facility, we don’t have to pay a middleman to manufacture our products like many food companies do. We also have built an amazing supply chain and warehouse our own ingredients which adds to the cost savings. While we source many of ingredients as locally as possible, there are some ingredients we have to source internationally but given our mantra ‘ingredients mean everything’, we hope you forgive us!

Here are some examples:

  • Organic cold-pressed, extra virgin coconut oil from the Philippines
  • Cold-pressed avocado oil from Mexico
  • Organic grass-fed ghee from New Zealand
  • Himalayan pink salt from the Himalayan Mountains

Everything else comes from the U.S. (popcorn etc.) and we try to source as locally as possible.

We use the best ingredients because they actually taste better and are better for you and your family. The organic raw popcorn we use costs almost 3x more than conventional popcorn (this is because organic crops are more expensive to produce than those sprayed with herbicides and pesticides). Our oils (organic coconut oil/avocado oil/ghee) are also considerably costlier than the processed conventional vegetable oils the many of the other brands are using. Yet despite this, we are proud to sell at close to the same prices of our competitors at your favorite health or grocery store!

Our mantra around food is that we would not put anything in our snacks that we wouldn’t feed our own children. If you know my family, you know we take eating pretty seriously. In addition to my family’s commitment to eating organic, we stay away from processed foods, refined sugars and acidic foods. We believe in a whole food, plant-based diet that is high in alkalinity.

So open up a bag, take a whiff and give it a taste. We think we have perfected both the popcorn and puff experience. Every butterfly kernel is popped perfectly. The oils taste amazing and have aromatic qualities. The Himalayan salts and the seasonings should not overwhelm, but add to the richness of the flavor. Super clean ingredients and dynamite tasting.

So there you have our recipe for life: clean ingredients for what we hope is a down-and-dirty- smash-em- up beautiful life.

P.S. If you are ever in Danbury CT and want to stop by and visit please do! If you come by at lunch time please bring some exercise clothes.

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